£106,000 Heritage Lottery Fund repair grant for St George’s

August 15, 2011

This bulletin comes form the Leicester Sv Ilija edition of Leicester’s Orthodox Missionary.

The Heritage Lottery Fund have awarded our church a much needed repair grant. Anyone entering the church in recent years will have noticed the steady decline of the lime plaster walls particularly to the northwest transept of the church. There are also problems withthe south-east walls. The problems stem from the roof and guttering system being in such a poor state of repairdue to a build up of leaves from the trees surrounding thechurch and causing blockages. The Sveta Petka chapel was recently repaired by members of the committee andnotably one of our parishioners Jovan Borović.

One of the new signs as viewed from the car park

Committee President Anđa Zarač has worked tirelesslyover the last three or four years in an attempt tosecure funding for the repair work. She has had numerousmeetings and liaised closely with the City Council’sPlanning Department. Her endeavours eventually borefruit with the award of a grant for £106,000 being officiallyannounced on 16th June this year as follows:

Built in 1823-27 by William Parsons and located inthe centre of the city of Leicester, St George’s church wasthe first church to be built in the city since the Reformation.The chancel was built in 1879 by Sir A. Blomfieldand following a fire in 1911, the church was restored byW D Caroe. This £106,000 grant will go towards vitalrepairs including restoring the roof coverings of the southnave and aisle slopes, the south west antechamber and theLady Chapel roofs.

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