Tell A Lie A Hundred Times It Becomes The Truth

April 1, 20144

By William Dorich

Angelina Jolie, is like the criminal in a low budget film who always returns to the scene of the crime. Jolie is shameless in returning to Bosnia after her propagandized rape movie entitled, In The Land of Blood and Honey—an irresponsible piece of film footage costing $50 million to produce that has failed miserably at the box office earning less then $5 million. Did she return to Srebrenica to mourn the dead or to rehabilitate her damaged career?


Bringing with her William Hague, the British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs is like bringing a fox to a cockfight. Great Britain was as guilty of perpetrating an illegal war against Serbia as President Clinton who launched the war without An Act of Congress, a UN Security Council vote, in violation of the UN Charter, The NATO Treaty, the Helsinki Final Act and The Geneva Conventions that prohibits the bombing of civilian targets.

The litany of war crimes in bombing 200 Serbian schools, dozens of hospitals and nursing homes, 14,000 Serbian homes, trains, buses, Belgrade Television, plus dropping 37,000 cluster bombs on civilian populations and uranium tipped bombs that has caused cancer deaths to increase 3,000% since the 1999 is a stain on Great Britain and the United States. William Hague and Angelina Jolie make a mockery of treachery and underhandedness.

During the Holocaust Goebbels is remembered for his phrase: “Tell a lie a hundred times and it becomes the truth.” Ms. Jolie wallows in such ideas pretending that “60,000 Bosnian women were raped.” An event discredited numerous times in the past dozen years. I remind Jolie of French journalist Jerome Bony, who described in a February 4, 1993 broadcast about his trek to Tuzla, which gained notoriety as the most prominent Bosnian town for finding Muslim rape victims, he wrote:

“When I was fifty kilometers from Tuzla I was told to ‘go to the Tuzla gymnasium (high school) (where) there is 4,000 raped women.’ At twenty kilometers this figure dropped to 400. At ten kilometers only forty were left. Once at the site, I found only four women willing to testify.”

Document #S24491, is the only document on rape at the United Nations during the Bosnian Civil War.  It contained the legal video taped depositions of 800 Serbian rape victims who identified their rapists. None were ever indicted. These depositions were presented to the UN a month before Tom Post wrote the infamous Newsweek story of “60,000 rape victims.“ Are we to pretend that this was not damage control by the Bosnian government?

I spoke with Mr. Post at the time since he said at the end of his article “He only interviewed 23 Bosnian women.” When I asked how it was possible to extrapolate 23 into 60,000 he said, “That number came from Alija Izetbegovich and his Bosnian government.” We now know that this was one of many stage-managed Muslim media stunts. We also see how easily journalists participated in disinformation.

Jolie not only plagiarized Shakespeare for her movie she arrogantly brushed aside the real Romeo & Juliet of Bosnia, sniper killed on May 19, 1993. He was Bosko Brkic, a Bosnian Serb, and she was Admira Ismic, a Bosnian Muslim—they were assassinated as they tried to escape the Muslim side of Sarajevo by crossing the Vrbanja Bridge for safety on the Serbian side of the city. In their dying embrace they remained on that bridge for several days. The media, like vultures, manipulated their deaths in much the same way Anthony Bond’s article is intended.

Bond also is quite loose with the facts, still holding on to the discredited claim that “8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed in Srebrenica.”  For 8 years the world was also spoon-fed the claim that 250,000 were killed in the war…15 years later human rights organizations had trouble coming up with 96,400 victims on all sides. That does not seem to deter Anthony Bond and his form of Partisan journalism.

John Pomfret (Washington Post) reported from Tuzla a week after the fall of Srebrenica when he wrote: “I saw 4,000 Muslims men who made their way through the forest for safety in Tuzla.” But Jolie and Bond are not concerned with facts or accuracy they are driven by sick public relations and newspaper bylines.

Jolie’s father, actor Jon Voight attended Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains, New York—a school built in the 1950s name after the Croatian Roman Catholic Archbishop who was a convicted war criminal and who spent ten years in prison for his WWII war crimes.

Angelina Jolie might pretend to be for “Human Rights” and “victims of rape and violence” but it is clear in this article that Jolie and Hague did not lay a wreath on any Serbian graves. That speaks volumes about her alleged sincerity. The final punch line in this article about, “20,000 raped women” by Mr. Bond is ugly Advocacy Journalism. He needs reminding about the Bosnian Muslim rape victim who fled to Switzerland where she became a radio celebrity up to the day she went into labor when she gave birth to a black baby.

The continuation of demonizing the Serbian people with collective guilt is very transparent in this article. Ms. Jolie missed a golden opportunity to be even-handed in Land of Blood and Honey and to respect the victims in Bosnia on all sides, many coming from mixed marriages. Now that we have 20/20 hindsight and many of these ongoing claims are being discredited… it appears that Ms. Jolie and Anthony Bond still think the public can be easily hoodwinked, again.

William Dorich, Publisher/Author

Beverly Hills, CA

The writer is the author of 6 books on Balkan history including his 1992 book, Kosovo. His newest book is: Memoirs of a Serbian-American Dissident.

4 Comments to “Tell A Lie A Hundred Times It Becomes The Truth”
  1. Ljilja says:

    Amer Bukvic (as per your surname ….??) – you wouldn’t know an empirical fact if it hit you over the head!

    All YOU are WRITING is PROPAGANDA, claptrap and rubbish…- if the Serbs EVER wanted to be ‘homogenized’ on any territiry – it is in RESPONSE to the MASSACRES WHICH MUSLIM AND CROAT KILLERS PERPETRATED, trying to EHNICALLY ‘CLEAN’ Bosnia and Croatia from the Serbs, who had been living there for centuries.

    And if you had a modicum of honesty and decency (you have NONE !!), you’d be ASHAMED of Bosnian muslims’ MURDEROUS history, and not write insulting garbage from a broom cupboard in ‘Malmo University’!

    Be GONE!

  2. Ljilja says:

    Amer Bukvic (as per your surname ….??) – you wouldn’t know an empirical fact if it hit you over the head!

    All YOU are WRITING is PROPAGANDA, claptrap and rubbish…- if the Serbs EVER wanted to be ‘homogenized’ on any territory – it is in RESPONSE to the MASSACRES WHICH MUSLIM AND CROAT KILLERS PERPETRATED, trying to ETHNICALLY ‘CLEAN’ Bosnia and Croatia from the Serbs, who had been living there for centuries.

    And if you had a modicum of honesty and decency (you have NONE !!), you’d be ASHAMED of Bosnian muslims’ MURDEROUS history, and not write insulting garbage from a broom cupboard in ‘Malmo University’!

  3. Ljilja says:

    Jolie is a WARMONGER, ‘pressing’ Obama to bomb Syria numerous times – look it up!

    I don’t know about you, but being humanitarian does NOT involve bombing people AND children, she claims to care for so much!
    Consequently …, here JOLIE looks LIKE a GRIM REAPER – rather than a sad or a grieving person she is trying to portray!

  4. Ljilja says:

    ONE OF JOLIE@S SPEECHES ON SYRIA, I think she is talking about the Russian veto in the UN, when the US wanted to pass a motion for bombing Syria:

    ” I think Syria has gotten to a point, sadly, where some form of, certainly, where some sort of intervention is absolutely necessary. It’s so disheartening, it’s so sad, it’s so upsetting, it’s so horrible, what’s happening…at this time we just must stop the civilians being slaughtered…when you see that sort of mass violence and murder on the streets we must do something. And I know that the countries in the region are pushing as well, so I feel that this is a good global effort, but then there are these countries that are choosing not to intervene and I don’t feel, I feel very strongly that the use of a veto when you have financial interests in a country should be questioned, and the use of a veto against a humanitarian intervention should be questioned.”

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