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March 4, 201415

Dear Serbian School users,

After 14 years of operation I have decided to pull the plug on Serbian School. The reason is that the site was written for technology which has been superseded by all the latest browsers and I simply have not had time to update the technology.

One day I hope to find the time to update the site and relaunch.

In the meantime, thank you all who have used over the years.


15 Comments to “Serbian School”
  1. Louis says:

    I feel really sad about that… Serbian School was very useful to me and all the people who learn the language… I hope you will relaunch it soon. I’m lost without it!

  2. Xavi says:

    I was also learning Serbian in your site, and let me say that your “Serbian School” is the best site I have found to learn it and the most complete too. I will miss it a lot, and, as Louis says well, I will be also lost without this site. Is there any possibility that you keep the page in service and not delete it until you decide to upgrade? Anyway, congratulations for this site and its altruistic work of teaching the Serbian language. Pozdrav iz Španije

    • Editor says:

      Thank you for your kind words Xavi.

      The site only worked with specific versions of Internet Explorer working on specific versions of Windows. To make it worse, all the latest versions of IE/Win did not support the site so fewer and fewer people would be able to access. On the other hand, the site hosting service decided to push the cost up.

      If I get a chance to upgrade, it’ll be back on this URL.

      Thanks again

  3. Alex says:

    I share the sentiments of Louis and Xavi. Serbian School really was the best on-line language courses I have come across. I really hope that it can be revived but I am glad to get the chance to add my thanks and compliments for having devised such a great course. Hvala mnogo od mene!

  4. Peter says:

    I’ve had no problem using Firefox with WinXP and MacOSX. I suppose cost was the deciding factor, but I think a few of us might be willing to contribute towards that. Definitely in my case, even though I don’t like the religious stuff!

  5. svaanik says:

    That is what I said – I don’t think the hosting cost will be more than 150-200 dollar for a year or may be less. I am willing to share the amount to keep this site running untill you get time to upgrade it.

    Please Stan :)

    • Editor says:

      Thanks guys. I’m just worried that I’d keep the site hosted (would also need to move to a more reliable hosting service) but as Microsoft IE and other browsers stopped supporting it the returns would diminish… It would be better for me to re-engineer and launch properly.

  6. Jennifer A says:

    There will be a polyglot conference in Novi Sad this October:
    Perhaps someone from this group can be of assistance, given that many members will be learning Serbian before the conference (that’s how I got to this page).
    Good luck!

  7. Florina says:

    Serbian School was by far the best online Serbian language course and i learn a lot from it! I took my very first steps learning the language guided by the Serbian School.
    i am very very sorry to see it stopped but overly thankful for your efforts to build it and keep it running. I do hope it will return soon and let us know if we can do something to help. Until then, is it possible to buy the content on a CD/DVD?
    Thank you very much,

  8. svaanik says:

    Hi Stan,

    I have got some friends in India who are expert in IT field and successfuly doing thier business on national and international level.

    Let me know if they can be of any assistance to you. I can aks them to help if you find yourself busy in upgrading it.


  9. Marcin says:

    But, it’s still possible to use a legacy browser, and that’s what I’ve been doing.. True, it is a little cumbersome, but it’s definitely worth it, I think it is the best language tutorial available, and it already helped me a lot!
    Anyway, if you need any assistance, feel free to ping me, I’d be glad to help.

  10. recep says:

    Hello Stan,

    Be harry please, I applied to be a citizen of serbia and I need to refresh my serbian knowledge and no better source than yours. I also thank you for your previous efforts.

  11. nemevid says:

    I am incredibly sad to learn about the disappering of the page. I was to continue study with it: I was born in Vojvodina and visiting my relatives I have to cope many difficulties due to lack of serbian knowledge. So I decided to get into this language and this Serbian School course was the best! Unfortunately after finding this site appr 1 month ago I have been very busy. Yesterday I had to notice this message which makes me lost. Is there any chance to continue with the help offered above my comment in the near future? I would be very grateful!!!! Thank you for your help! Br Èva

  12. John says:

    It is really sad to hear that page is not functioning anymore. It was really a beautiful link to learn serbian. I wil be going along with my wife to serbia soon for job reasons and that is why I was learning serbian.

    We request you to find some time to lauch it as soon as possible.

    This was really a wonderful site.

    John & Sandra

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