Mama voli bebu (Mommy Loves Baby) 2013

February 25, 2014

Mama voli bebu (Mommy Loves Baby) 2013

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Help Sara speak again

Help Sara speak again

Seven-year-old Sara Striković needs our help to slowly rebuild her life after she struck her head in a tragic accident.

Babaroga’s Wretched Ryhmes – Eci peci pec

Babaroga’s Wretched Ryhmes – Eci peci pec

Eci-peci-pec is a rhyme for choosing who's "it" or who goes first in a game. It's like Eenie-meenie-minie-mo.

Schools in Serbia: Money more important than education

BELGRADE – Just a few decades ago, children in Serbia differed according to whether they were good students, and today the success is ...

Back To Bukvar: Surviving Back to School

Back To Bukvar: Surviving Back to School

Surviving skola without a bukvar.

How Serbian children are discriminated … in Serbia

Int’l children’s folklore festival “Licitar Heart” opens in Uzice

Cuprija: Snake bites two-year-old child

Corby school with heart of gold raises funds for Serbian flood victims

Serbia: Number of childbirths below wartime levels

‘Red Star’ vs ‘Partizan’ match in Birmingham for Flood Aid, fun day follows

London 8-year-old Natalija raises £12,285 for Serbia flood victims

Students in Brazil raise funds for victims of floods in Serbia

Martial arts kids club kicks off in Bedford

Boy admits that he recorded sex and charged viewing

Child death rates in Britain worse than South Korea

Corby Sv Ilija folklor ensemble celebrates first birthday

Corby school produces SRPKO magazine

Little Snezana (3) needs your help

Zeljko and Jovana Joksimovic welcome a baby boy

Have smartphones disrupted family tradition?


Serbia must play next two matches behind closed doors after drone incident … –

Chelsea can show credentials at Man Utd 10 years after Arsenal’s Invincibles … – Daily Star

Gojković: Rebalans budžeta biće usvojen u nedelju

Hanić: Rebalans budžeta iznuđena mera

Fuele: We are not asking Serbia to recognize Kosovo

Vucic: Serbia belongs in EU

“Edi Rama is trying to provoke Serbia”

Srpsko-makedonski privredni potencijal

NOVE ZARADE Bez umanjenja prekovremeni, regres i prevoz

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