Ravna Gora – TV Serija – Epizoda 8

December 31, 2013

RTS’s groundbreaking TV Series ‘Ravna Gora’ Episode 8 – Tito

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What is a glava?


Scottish Referendum a New Velvet Revolution?

A referendum will be held in Scotland today, to possibly acquire total devolution of power to be handed down to a sovereign independent state without any English interference and total economic freedom. Scots may be encouraged by the example of Slovakia. Scotland and England have had a long and intertwined history: two Scottish wars of independence, dating back to the 1296 and 1332 – both times with the Scots rebelling against the English invasions of Scotland. Later in 1603, Scottish rule over England began, as King James VI of Scotland inherited the English throne through fortunate circumstances. The Scottish rule of England was short lived due to the religious ferment thrown up by the English Civil Wars, which resulted in Oliver Cromwell leading forces against Scottish armies and gaining control of Scotland under the Commonwealth of England.... The post Scottish Referendum a New Velvet Revolution? was first published on Balkanist.



BORRA, THE most famous stage pickpocket of all times, became the highest-paid European performer in circuses during the 1950s...Borra, would you believe was a Serb, a magician, once a rising star whose fancy cabaret performances my Mom and Dad...

Bó – Vo

Bó – Vo

Bullfights in Serbia and in Bosnia are an ancient tradition preserved to the present time by the Serbian highland population. Unlike its Spanish counterpart, the Bosnian bullfight does not involve humans as active participants and does not result in...

Grange circle

In Serbian tradition, Sun is called the "Višnji Bog", the High God, and is perceived as a living being. Sun is born every year in the winter on the winter solstice day. He then grows into a young man...

Ojkanje – the wolf singing

Anthem of Exiles

War is hell, and so was my tour of Sarajevo – The Independent

Dr. Reiss on Serbia’s WW1 Generals

Guchevo: First Battle Between Broz and Draža

Serbs and Novorussia

Bradford parish celebrates 60 years

Lessons in Trust and Warfare

Serbia’s Typhus Epidemic: Biological Warfare?

Bran Vran

HALYARD MISSION legend Captain Nick A. Lalich of the OSS shares diary entries from 1944 of great WWII Mihailovich rescue operations in the former Yugoslavia at Chicago celebration marking 50th Anniversary

Hidden soul of Belgrade: Tasmajdan

Sixth sense


Allies’ First Victory: Battle of Cer

Bogovo gumno – God’s threshing floor


Downton Abbey: 7 predictions for series 5

Fellowes has said that there will be a whole plotline this series surrounding the Russian Revolution, and we know that Serbian actor Rade Sherbedgia will be playing Kruagain, a Russian refugee, fleeing from the newly formed Soviet Union.

Miloš Kostić – US military strategist gives his account of the BiH conflict ShareRedditStumbleUponEmailPrintDigg

CrossTalk: Russia’s Worldview

Ray McGovern, Martin McCauley and I try to explain what's going on between Russia and the West.CrossTalk, aired August 25, 2014:

American Serb Toma Dobrosavljevic to appear in US hit show

American Serb Toma Dobrosavljevic to appear in US hit show

Toma Dobrosavljevic was born in South Chicago to Serbian immigrant parents and raised with an older sister in nearby Addison, Illinois. He appears in the forthcoming series of TV's weight-watch show The Biggest Loser.

The shocking Marina Abramovich – Newsnight

Ljajic: Serbia will get digital TV signal by mid 2015

The female fighter in World War One

Serbia: Digitalization to be completed by end of 2014

Ukraine: Behind the Ceasefire

Ukraine: Behind the Ceasefire

Saatchi & Saatchi Belgrade wins “Bronze Lion” at the Cannes Film Festival

Jovanovic: EU is not behind RTS subscription

RTS Subscription: When Vucic makes a promise …

The Bosnian ‘Death Camp’ Accusation: An Expose

James Collins (Graovac) Chorographers to Britain’s Got Talent

Reboot of “Charmed” to be filmed in Belgrade?

Remembering the Great War

RTS, B92 press applauds Brit-Serb massive flood effort

Serbia Cable Channels Resume After Flood Mix-up

Marko Jaric hopes he can reconcile with Adriana


Vlada traži smenu izvršnih direktora Železnice

NAŠE HEROINE I HEROJI Pogledajte kako vojska pomaže žrtvama poplava u Istočnoj Srbiji

Advokati izlaze na ulice

Pavle Aksentijevic – Spiritual Serbian Orthodox Chant

U Karatašu smešteno trista ljudi iz Kladova

Nagrada beleznicima za založne izjave smanjena za 60 odsto

Kif: Nadam se uspeššnom, mirnom Prajdu

Partizan Belgrade vs Tottenham: Mauricio Pochettino credits players for coping … – The Independent

Kirbi: Parada Ponosa treba da bude održana

Vučić najavio ukidanje rominga u pet zemalja

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