Ravna Gora (serija) – Epizoda 6

December 17, 2013

Episode 6 of RTS epic “Ravna Gora”

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prvi (in English)


Our Western “Friends”

Our Western “Friends”

In the years after the Great War, a saying appeared in Serbia: Lord save us from friends – we’ll handle the enemies ourselves.

Crkvine near Obrenovac gets status of archaeological site

The site holds the remains of the settlement from late Neolithic and the period of Vinca culture. On the basis of the features of ceramic finds, the settlement has been dated back to the period between 5250 and 4600...



We would like to thank Maya Atkinson for identifying and translating this open letter sent by Jovan Deretić to President Nikolić on 22 January 2014. It in he asks that Serbia's history is wrested from the hands of the...

Ukraine as Yugoslavia Redux

When the civil war in Ukraine started, a question arose whether there are similarities between Ukrainian and Yugoslavian civil wars. So let’s compare these two countries, one that is falling apart – Ukraine and the other one that doesn’t...

Belgrade: An exhibition on the rescue of US pilots in Serbia in 1944 – [Halyard] / "Voice of Serbia" September 24, 2014

“Regime Change” in Serbia, 1945 and 2000

Photo Gallery: Serbian Medieval Princess Milica in Coventry

Scottish Referendum a New Velvet Revolution?


Bó – Vo

Grange circle

Ojkanje – the wolf singing

Anthem of Exiles

War is hell, and so was my tour of Sarajevo – The Independent

Dr. Reiss on Serbia’s WW1 Generals

Guchevo: First Battle Between Broz and Draža

Serbs and Novorussia

Bradford parish celebrates 60 years

Lessons in Trust and Warfare

Serbia’s Typhus Epidemic: Biological Warfare?


Serbia TV Ditches Flagship Political Talk Show

Union calls for protests after B92 axes Olje Beckovic’s well-known politics programme ‘Utisak Nedelje’, which started in 1991.

Serbia returns to Eurosong

BELGRADE – After a year-long break , Serbia will return to the Eurosong competition, and will allocate about EUR 350,000 for the occasion.

Downton Abbey: 7 predictions for series 5

Fellowes has said that there will be a whole plotline this series surrounding the Russian Revolution, and we know that Serbian actor Rade Sherbedgia will be playing Kruagain, a Russian refugee, fleeing from the newly formed Soviet Union.

Miloš Kostić – US military strategist gives his account of the BiH conflict ShareRedditStumbleUponEmailPrintDigg

CrossTalk: Russia’s Worldview

CrossTalk: Russia’s Worldview

American Serb Toma Dobrosavljevic to appear in US hit show

The shocking Marina Abramovich – Newsnight

Ljajic: Serbia will get digital TV signal by mid 2015

The female fighter in World War One

Serbia: Digitalization to be completed by end of 2014

Ukraine: Behind the Ceasefire

Ukraine: Behind the Ceasefire

Saatchi & Saatchi Belgrade wins “Bronze Lion” at the Cannes Film Festival

Jovanovic: EU is not behind RTS subscription

RTS Subscription: When Vucic makes a promise …

The Bosnian ‘Death Camp’ Accusation: An Expose

James Collins (Graovac) Chorographers to Britain’s Got Talent

Reboot of “Charmed” to be filmed in Belgrade?

Remembering the Great War


Kosovo: Supreme Court acquits two Serbs on all charges

Crown Prince Alexander extends congratulations for Yom Kippur

Shameful Denial of Serbian Suffering

DS demands resignation of Ministers Gasic and Stefanovic

Dušan Vujović

Fifteen dead in blast at Bulgarian explosives factory – Telegraph.co.uk

Vlada odlučila: EPS nastavlja da vodi Aleksandar Obradović

Belgrade Design Week from October 6 to 11

Belgrade: Police found Ivana Podrascic’s body

Podgorica: Pride Parade on October 26

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