Ravna Gora (serija) – Epizoda 5

December 15, 2013

RTS TV epic series Ravna Gora – Episode 5

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Which date (number) in the month of January does Božić fall (Gregorian calendar)?


Yugoslavia’s Real Resistance

In Chetnik documents we see explicit orders no to kill civilians – due to reprisals for atrocities – while the Ustasha and Partisan documents order the murder of civilians, on grounds of either ethnic (Serbs, Jews) or class warfare...

Stone circles on mountain Devica

Stone circles on mountain Devica

What makes these two stone circles from Bogovo Gumno special, and what makes it absolutely clear that they were built and used as a solar observatory is their alignment. If you look at the alignment of the two linked...

Boys Do Cry: Tears, Football and High Politics

Boys Do Cry: Tears, Football and High Politics

In the middle of my joyful destruction of the poor piece of furniture, a news anchor in coke-bottle glasses convincingly, deeply and touchingly read the first and only news of that newscast: “Comrade Tito has died”.

Rebuilding Besenovo

Rebuilding Besenovo

Resting in the Monastery since 1773 are the remains of Colonel Aleksandar Rašković, the last duke of the Rašković family, direct descent of the holy Nemanjić dynasty.

How Austria-Hungary Chose War

Murdering the Symbols

Refusing to be Sacrificed

Great Serbs: King Petar I

Great Serbs: R. Archibald Reiss

Great Serbs: Marko Miljanov

Rare Photos from Sarajevo, 1914

Serbs of the Golden Age

Vidovdan Sermon

Vienna’s Big Lie

Vienna’s Big Lie

The Real Shots That Started WW1

Deutschlandlied in Sarajevo

Deutschlandlied in Sarajevo

Kingdom of Heaven

Operation Bagration


WW1: 13 days to go – an Austrian ‘note’ to the Serbs is approved, but still it … – Telegraph.co.uk (blog)

Ivanovic appoints Petrovic as new coach – Tennis Magazine

Ivanovic appoints Petrovic as new coach – Tennis Magazine

Poplave uticale na prodaju turističkih aranžmana

Belgrade to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day on May 10

Inspekcija za drumski saobraćaj prijavila 107 prekršaja

Osiguravajuće kompanije kriju cene osiguranja vozila

Srbija se zadužila za 21 milion evra

Poreska uprava traži uvođenje stečaja u Pobjedi

Gubitak naftne i gasne industrije Sirije 21,4 milijarde

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