Ravna Gora (serija) – Epizoda 5

December 15, 2013

RTS TV epic series Ravna Gora – Episode 5

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Which date (number) in the month of January does Božić fall (Gregorian calendar)?


Triglav , Trojan, Trinity, Trimurti, Agni

Triglav , Trojan, Trinity, Trimurti, Agni

Serbian folk tradition also tells us that Triglav lives in India and that India was the home of the Serbs, which Serbs had to leave because of a huge political or religious upheaval of some kind, probably a religious...

The people of the blade

The people of the blade

Angles and Saxons were a mixed tribal Group. And so were the Vikings. They both included western Slavic tribes. Did western Slavic people bring the word "sek" with them? And if Serbian,Croatian, Bosnian, Slovenian have the root "sek" and...

Spreg, Spreag

From all this I believe that the Irish word spreag is a borrowing from a Slavic language. I also believe that the word is very old, probably dating to the time when the first yokes, carts and ploughs were...

Yugoslavia’s Real Resistance

In Chetnik documents we see explicit orders no to kill civilians – due to reprisals for atrocities – while the Ustasha and Partisan documents order the murder of civilians, on grounds of either ethnic (Serbs, Jews) or class warfare...

Stone circles on mountain Devica

Boys Do Cry: Tears, Football and High Politics

Rebuilding Besenovo

How Austria-Hungary Chose War

Murdering the Symbols

Refusing to be Sacrificed

A Un Solo Disparo: Episode 2

Great Serbs: King Petar I

Great Serbs: R. Archibald Reiss

Great Serbs: Marko Miljanov

Rare Photos from Sarajevo, 1914

Serbs of the Golden Age

Vidovdan Sermon

Vienna’s Big Lie

Vienna’s Big Lie

The Real Shots That Started WW1


Dinar oslabio još 0,1 odsto, kurs 116,6150

Radne knjižice idu u penziju od Nove godine

Radne knjižice idu u penziju od Nove godine

Manchester United 0-0 Inter Milan (5-3 penalties): Wilfried Zaha and Luke Shaw … – Mirror.co.uk


Milhauz nudi 500 miliona evra za balkansku mrežu Hipo grupe

Serbian rugby league stars pitch in with Wolves

POŠTENJE SE NE ISPLATI Redovne platiše namagarčene, država prašta dug za pretplatu

NOVI ZAKON Kada možete u penziju

Na kopu Drmno TE Kostolac počela proizvodnja uglja

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