Ravna Gora (serija) – Epizoda 5

December 15, 2013

RTS TV epic series Ravna Gora – Episode 5

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What is a jabuka?


Sixth sense

Sixth sense

An indigenous nice middle aged English person, a blind man with a white stick, walks by the busy road. It looked as if he wanted to cross the road so I offered to help, he was glad and thankful.


Seventy-three years ago today, Ustashas committed mass executions of the remaining inmates in the camps Slana on the island of Pag and Jadovno on Mt Velebit.Head of the Association Jadovno 1941 Dusan Bastasic recalls that the at least 791...

Allies’ First Victory: Battle of Cer

What was the first Entente victory in the Great War? Most people would answer 'The Marne' referring to the defeat of the Germans at the gates of Paris. But a month earlier, the Serbian army had decisively crushed an...

Bogovo gumno – God’s threshing floor

In Montenegro young people, wearing flower wreaths on their heads, would gather on "Vilino Gumno", Fairy threshing floor, on the Feast of Ascension to sing songs about fairies and dance a circular dance kolo, oro. This is probably...


Why Serbia Chose Yugoslavia

Excavations in Pribojska Banja reveal mediaeval treasure

Mission “Halyard”: Heroes Betrayed

Miroslav Svirčević, 1970-2014

Remembering Archibald Reiss: Friend of the Serbs

Crime and Reward

“My beloved and heroic Serbs!”

Doomed to Repeat It

Ognjena Marija

A Day In Niš, One Of Europe’s Oldest Historical Cities

Triglav , Trojan, Trinity, Trimurti, Agni

The people of the blade

Spreg, Spreag

Yugoslavia’s Real Resistance

Stone circles on mountain Devica


Penzioneri ukazali Vulinu na probleme u staračkim domovima

Preti da će izbaciti goste iz apartmana na Tasosu zbog dugova agencije “Perla Tours”

Ministarka Mihajlović šalje inspekciju Čumetu

Velimir Stjepanovic wins gold in 200 m freestyle

Serbian President “elected patron of the European Academy of Arts and Sciences”

Mihajlović: Pojačati rad inspekcija u saradnji sa lokalnim samoupravama

Serbia: Number of gov’t agencies “far lower than 100″

Russian retailer Dixy Group aims to increase food imports from Serbia

Serb fighting in Ukraine: Army targets civilians, destroys villages

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