Ravna Gora (serija) – Epizoda 5

December 15, 2013

RTS TV epic series Ravna Gora – Episode 5

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crno (in English)

  1. Fact-checking for dummies: UK press coverage of Serbia v Albania

  2. Wm Dorich responds to BBC – Croatia and the EU – what difference has a year made?

  3. What Serbs call their babies: Top-10 past and present

  4. False flags and other media crimes – Serbia vs Albania

  5. Diaspora cash buoys Serbian economy as investments dry up



If, in 1991, a Croatian politician had predicted that, by 2014, the country would be a peaceful, pluralist, multi-party democracy, with secure property rights, stable borders and rising living standards, he would have been regarded as certifiable.

The Week in Pictures

The Week in Pictures

The past week has been disorienting. There were moments that looked and felt like a memory drawn from the last century. Others unintentionally echoed more recent events. Some of the spectacles we witnessed over the last few days were...

U IME NARODA! – A presentation about respresseion in Serbia 1944-1953 ShareRedditStumbleUponEmailPrintDigg

Serbia and Russia: Natural Allies with a Divided Past

Serbia and Russia: Natural Allies with a Divided Past

The relationship between the two countries vacillated as far back as the 19th century, when the allegiances of Serbia’s two royal families were divided. The Obrenovic dynasty allied themselves with the Austro-Hungarian Empire, while the Karadjordjevici allied themselves with...

Adolf Hitler and Ante Pavelic: The Wartime Meetings, 1941-1944: 2. Stalingrad

Great Serbs: Mihailo Pupin

SCIENTIST MICHAEL PUPIN – "THE SERB WHO CONNECTED THE WORLD." – Event celebrating the life and works of MICHAEL IDVORSKY PUPIN at the University of Chicago (UC) Thursday October 16, 2014.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Man stabs himself in his ‘broken’ heart after row with girlfriend

Shooting the King to Kill Yugoslavia

Reds, Whites and Serbdom

The Revolution Wasn’t

Yugoslavia’s hated regime crumbles: from the archive, 6 October 2000

Serbian president’s adviser: Chetnik symbols should be at parade

Our Western “Friends”

Crkvine near Obrenovac gets status of archaeological site


Ukraine as Yugoslavia Redux

Belgrade: An exhibition on the rescue of US pilots in Serbia in 1944 – [Halyard] / "Voice of Serbia" September 24, 2014

“Regime Change” in Serbia, 1945 and 2000

Photo Gallery: Serbian Medieval Princess Milica in Coventry


VSS izabrao šest sudija u Viši sud u Beogradu

Sutra premijera filma “U ime naroda”

Odbor usvojio izmene u načelu vezane za privatizaciju

Vučić: Bliži nego ikad za Železaru i Petrohemiju

Na Batrovcima kamioni čekaju šest sati da izađu iz Srbije

ZAHLAĐENJE Sutra naoblačenje i kiša, na planinama sneg

Prosvetari prete štrajkom: Mi smo na putu za centralnu AFRIKU, a ne u Evropu

Novim zakonom akcionari lakše do novčane nadoknade

Ovo je jedina dobra vest koju je Vujović stavio na Vučićev sto

Na računu za pomoć poplavljenima 503,8 miliona dinara

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