Photo Update: Robert Curl, Jean Echenoz win Tesla White Dove Award

September 22, 2013

The Tesla Global Forum honours two of the world’s great thinkers with the White Dove award.

The festival was held in Fruška Gora, Serbia was held 12-15 September with an audience of domestic and international luminaries and Teslaphiles. It focused on four areas – culture, science, music and films.

Jean Echenoz

Jean Echenoz

Jean Echenoz, the greatest French contemporary writer accepted the award. In 2010, Jean wrote a fictionalised biography of Nikola Tesla called Lightning where his genius and fascination with pigeons is brilliantly explored. The writer, whose novels have been recognised with ten literary prizes, will accept the award in person on 4th October. He also wrote a beautiful short essay.

Robert Curl

Robert Curl

Nobel-prize winning Robert Curl also accepted the White Dove award in the field of science. He issued this illuminating speech:

I am interested in the behavior of molecules in a magnetic field and the units I use for the field are T.

Among inventors Nikola Tesla occupies a unique position that I cannot imagine will ever be taken away from him.

Nikola Tesla was the inventive giant essential to the development of the uses of electrical power. He envisioned the importance of what might be, the electric motor.

Other laureats also accepted the honor including Igor Četojević, the nutritionist-doctor who healed Novak Djoković.

The award ceremony recalls the white dove that came to 17-year-old Tesla in a flash of light, as he recovered from life-threatening cholera in Šišatovac, with its monastery close by. Tesla made a full recovery and the dove became his lifelong companion. Organisers of the Tesla Forum chose to use that symbol of divinity and hope, the white dove, to award intellectuals who have made a special contribution to the world.

You can see photos of the event here:

French ambassador holds a debate at the forum

French ambassador holds a debate at the forum

One of the organisers Aleksandar Protic with president of the Cambridge Club Serbia Milena Milicevic

One of the organisers Aleksandar Protic with president of the Cambridge Club Serbia Milena Milicevic

Pravdivcev and Cetojevic

Pravdivcev and Cetojevic

Dr Cetojevic's presentation

Dr Cetojevic’s presentation

The forum also organised a successful Oxbridge alumni meeting at the event.


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