London-born Dana Gašić Gavaja stuns on Ja Imam Talenat

December 17, 20121

With british Serb talent like Aleks Josh and MITSOTU performing on UK top talent shows like The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent, this story takes a twist. How about a British Serb appearing on a Serbian talent show – Ja Imam Talenat?

That’s exactly what has happened to London-born Dana Gašić Gavaja whose natural performance received the warmest of receptions from the unsuspecting studio audience. Dana explained her mother was from Belgrade and father from the South American nation Guyana. Young Dana’s passion is singing but she loves dance, art and photography too. Dana’s mother runs and singing and drama school in the city.

She takes a few attempts to get her first track on track, Alicia Keyes Fallin’ - yet if she suffers from stage-fright her easy-going persona certainly didn’t show. After being a little cajoled by the judges for reading her words from paper, she spontaneously starts another track Christina Aguilera’s Hurt.

The judges gave her “tri da” which means she goes through to the next round of the competition now in its fourth series.

A big hvala lepo to Nikola Amanović for bringing Dana’s raw talent to our attention.

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One Comment to “London-born Dana Gašić Gavaja stuns on Ja Imam Talenat”
  1. was in audience says:

    She wasn’t that good at all. I’m not a hater, that’s just an objective statement. Other people who got a “3 yes” reaction were much better.

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