Icon of Holy Virgin in Kosovo weeps

December 5, 20122

An icon of the Holy Virgin Bogorodica is reported to have wept on the day of St John Chrysostom on the 26th November. The icon is part of the iconostasis at the Budisavci Monastery which is around 10 miles east of Peč in Kosovo and Metohija.

One believer reported that the incident happened during a reading by Abbot Aleksej.

The Serbian Orthodox monastery dates from the 14th century but its origins are obscure. In 1999, Hieromonk Stefan Purić was abducted by the KLA and is now presumed dead.

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    I’d be interested in the evidence that you must have to say that the statements in the article are rubbish?

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Evro 120,5307 dinara

Evro 120,5307 dinara

Evro 120,5307 dinara

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