Albanian Intellectual: Demolish ‘bad religion’ Serbian Orthodox Temple

October 21, 2012

Intellectual Haji Mehmetaj has called for the destruction of Christ the Saviour temple in Priština. The Director of the Institute of Cultural Heritage in Priština made these incendiary remarks at a seminar at the University of Priština.  (The temple is located on the university campus.)

This follows on from the Guardian article on an artwork installed on the site of this unfinished Serbian Orthodox temple.  The artwork, a neon “A Place Beyond Belief” by Natahan Coley and the Guardian article does not explicitly call for the destruction of the Church.  The Guardian claims that the temple is widely seen as a symbol of the Milošević regime’s oppression and calls it a “bad religion”.  The neon sign effectively rebrands the Church.

Ethnic-Albanians have been responsible for the desecration and destruction of over 100 Serbian Orthodox sites in Kosovo since the 1999 NATO bombing which resulted in the mass-exodus of non-Albanian families from Kosovo. This trend, previously blamed on a minority of extremist thugs, appears to have caught on in some academic circles also – none less than the individual charged with protecting cultural heritage in city.

In separate news, Serbian PM Dačić made a rare and symbolic meeting with Priština leader Hashim Thaci. It is not known if they discussed the razing of another Serbian Orthodox Church.

Antiserbism Monitoring (Serbian, Cyrillic) raised this issue, see also this article in Republika Srpska press online (in Serbian, latinica).

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