Serb Killer – Srbosjek, one of the most hideous implements ever invented

September 13, 20122

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The “Srbosjek”,  or literally meaning  ”Serb cutter” in Serbian and Croatian was a specially designed knife used by the Croatian Ustaše during World War II for the speedy killing of prisoners in the concentration camps of the Nazi-puppet Independent State of Croatia (NDH).

Most notably at the Jasenovac concentration camp the Croatians preferred to eliminate the inmates by cutting their throats rather than gassing them. Serbs, Jews, and Roma alike were dispatched in this way and in order to do so efficiently they needed a special tool.

The knife was manufactured during World War II by German factory Gebrüder Gräfrath from Solingen-Widderit under a special order from the Croatian NDH government.

The upper part of the srbosjek was made of leather, as a sort of a glove, designed to be worn with the thumb going through the hole, so that only the blade protruded from the hand. It was a curved, 12 cm long knife with the edge on its concave side. The knife was fastened to a bowed oval copper plate, while the plate was fastened to a thick leather bangle. The blade was curved in order to make it easier to slit the throat of the victim, following the curvature of the neck. Thus, the Srbosjek knife was designed to kill as fast as possible and with as little fatigue as possible.

In Jasenovac competitions in speedy slaughter were organized by the Croatian Ustaše guards. The winner of one such competition was  Petar Brzica who slit the throats of 1,360 prisoners.

2 Comments to “Serb Killer – Srbosjek, one of the most hideous implements ever invented”
  1. jj says:

    Have Serbs ever tried to sue Germany over making a device specifically for the genocide of Serbs: knowing it would be used on civilians and it would be to kill as many people as possible?

  2. Nick says:

    during the 90s war U used to think of the Serbs as the bad ones. Croats were/ are Nazis with a hideous history. Just saw documentary on the Ustashi killers. Depraved is the best word to describe them

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