Emeli Sandé’s Serbian tattoo

February 11, 20122

Emeli Sandé sports her Serbian tattoo

The Sun features Scottish soul singer and songwriter Emeli Sandé this weekend.  Her single Heaven reached number 2 in the UK charts and her new album is tipped to top in 2012. She was guest singer on Professor Green’s number one single Read All About It.  To date it is the songs Emeli writes for other artists that has brought more recognition including Cheryl Cole, Tinie Tempah and Susan Boyle. Simon Cowell called her his “favourite songwriter of the minute”.

Emeli studied four years of a six-year degree course in neuroscience at Glasgow University before she decided to devote herself to music.  Now it seems she has another love, her mysterious fiancé Adam.  She has coyly guarded his identity revealing only that Adam is a marine biologist who she has know a long time.

What might give Britić readers an added clue is her tattoo in Serbian Latin script.  A miniature of Adam’s face appears next to the words “Volim te Adame”.  She admits she even wrote the song My Kind of Love about Adam’s unconditional love for her.  Come to think about it, a tattoo of his name is quite a sweet and unconditional gesture too.

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2 Comments to “Emeli Sandé’s Serbian tattoo”
  1. Melana Pejakovich says:

    She married the boyfriend in September in Montenegro. His name is Adam Gouraguine and he is apparently a Crnogorac. http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/news/celebrity/538310/emeli-sande-marries-boyfriend-adam-gouraguine-in-secret-ceremony.html#index=1

  2. vee says:

    Gouraguine? What kind of name is that. I wonder if he is Orthodox?

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