Today Tue, 21 Oct in history:

1941 Nazi authorities in Kragujevac massacred a great number of students of the Grammar School by way of reprisals for the killing of several German troops.

You know you're a Serb when your mum wears her bra as a bathing suit.
  • The Cyber-Attacks and Fears of Cyber-War to Come

    Following the drone and flag incident that plagued what should have been a friendly and peaceful football match, the majority of Serbian news media websites were the victims of a direct distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack by hackers apparently working for Albanian interests, causing all but one such media website and associated servers to...

  • Liberators

    If, in 1991, a Croatian politician had predicted that, by 2014, the country would be a peaceful, pluralist, multi-party democracy, with secure property rights, stable borders and rising living standards, he would have been regarded as certifiable.


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