• European Killers Enjoy Fascist «Safari» in Ukraine

    What did Croats need mercenaries for? They almost made no contribution as fighters. They were needed for the very same thing the Ukrainian regime needs them now. Hunting and shooting does bring in certain profit. But it’s not the main thing. They protect the officials from accusations of being involved in genocide. The government...

  • Ground Blessing for Greek Orthodox Saint Nicholas, destroyed during 9/11

    The small Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas, which was established in 1916, was completely obliterated on Sept. 11, 2001 when the South Tower fell. The new Saint Nicholas National Shrine will be rebuilt only a short distance away at 130 Liberty Street, overlooking the 9/11 Memorial

  • Bishop Filaret apologized for his speech at the Monastery Dovolja

    BELGRADE – Bishop of Milesevo Filaret apologized for his speech at the monastery Dovolja to Patriarch Irinej and the leadership of the Serbian Orthodox Church, governments of Serbia and Montenegro, as well as to representatives of the EU saying that such “critical spoken words will not be repeated”.

  • Guskova: Serbian gov’t will recognize Kosovo, it is obvious

    BELGRADE – Russian historian Jelena Guskova said that Serbia is not guilty for the outbreak of the World War I. There are “sources who say that” Austria-Hungary knew that assassination was being prepared in Sarajevo, but did not stop it, as it wanted to use this event as the occasion to declare...

  • Klaas-Jan Huntelaar earns Schalke a Champions League draw at Chelsea

    The Croatian referee, called up late when the original squad of Serbian officials had been denied entry after a visa oversight, offered what was, at best, an unpredictable display throughout.

  • Scotland


    It is tempting to cheer for the independence of Scotland strictly out of spite for all the ills the United Kingdom has visited upon the world...

  • The diplomacy of the Ukraine autonomy deal explained

    Charles Crawford, former British Ambassador in Sarajevo and Belgrade, blogs: Maybe eastern Ukraine and Republika Srpska and Scotland are by some chance related?

  • Serbian Language & Culture Interactive Workshops

    Serbian Language & Culture Interactive Workshops

    Learn about the geography of Serbia: its natural resources; its traditions and the vibrant culture that made it such an important...

  • The Kiss of Judas?

    The Kiss of Judas?

    Serbian Patriarch Irinej said today, “There are more people that bring us together and unite with the Roman Catholic Church, than those that...

  • Sandzak’s Facebook ‘Army’ Causes Alarm in Serbia

    Invitations to people on Facebook to join the so-called "Army of Sandzak" in a Bosniak-majority region of Serbia have prompted calls for prosecutors to investigate.

  • Serb Fest 2014 – US style!

    Serb Fest 2014 – US style!

    The St. Steven’s 10th Annual Serb Fest was a resounding success. The crowds for Saturday set new records, while Sunday was...

  • The Origins and Implications of the Scottish Referendum

    The Yugoslavian civil war turned into an international war once Yugoslavia ceased to exist, and into civil wars within nation-states such as Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia...And in an act that flew in the face of the principle, NATO countries divided Serbia into two parts: an Albanian part called Kosovo and the rest of...

  • Belgrade, Pristina reach agreement on free movement

    BRUSSELS – Belgrade’s and Pristina’s working groups late Tuesday reached an agreement on free movement that relates to the Nikola Tesla Airport and an additional five border crossings between Serbia and third countries, said Maja Kocijancic, the spokesperson of the EU foreign policy chief.


Davis Cup: Serbia vs Croatia

DUBAI- Serbia’s best tennis players will compete against the Croatian tennis team in...

Memorial to Serbian and Russian troops unveiled in Belgrade

US Ambassador: Why is Putin coming to visit Serbia?

Pushkov: Kosovo sanctions can only cause a laugh

Eco-Dev: Serbia has great potential for eco-tourism


Pochettino makes use of large squad – Football.co.uk

Football.co.uk Pochettino makes...

Tigers Poised to Finish on Top at Lady Vol Classic – Memphis Official Athletic Site

Tottenham leave out Danny Rose for visit to Partizan Belgrade – The Guardian

Vinod Bhatt Puppet Group from India in Belgrade

Residence of Serbian ambassador in Paris to open doors


Scottish Referendum a New Velvet Revolution?

A referendum will be held in Scotland today, to possibly acquire total devolution of power to be handed down to a sovereign independent state without any English interference and total economic freedom. Scots may be encouraged by the example of Slovakia. Scotland and England have had a long and intertwined history: two...

Belgrade: Paradox IV supercomputer launched at Institute of Physics

Grange circle

Ojkanje – the wolf singing

Anthem of Exiles


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